Tapping into the growing global movement of ‘design thinking’ we work with you to craft the right strategy for your next project. Our team generates the brief with unique methods for this field, building up evidence to generate new options previously unearthed. We work consultatively and are practiced at ‘engagement without over-excitement’, in order to get rich information from your people in a controlled way.

The Master Plan is the opportunity for PCG to engage with your key stakeholders and employees for the purpose of investigating the opportunity of realising positive transformational change to the organisation through the workplace project.

The traditional method of project implementation in the corporate real estate/workplace/facility sectors has a result profile compromised by time and cost overruns and programming challenges which ultimately compromise quality.

Our approach:

Given the first step of a journey often determines the quality of the last, we view our Master Planning (or strategic briefing) phase and capability as one of the most important elements of our service offering to clients.

Underpinned by our record of success and independence of the property and construction markets, PCG is ideally positioned and qualified to provide execution neutral and practical advisory capturing all the key elements of an enlightened CRE and workplace procurement strategy.

The outcomes we have achieved for clients are exciting and ground-breaking. Typically, saving space and resources as past models are challenged, exponentially increasing the connection between business strategy and built outcome. Measurable benefits, managed engagement and mission alignment are at the core of our philosophy.

PCG Page Service Master Planning Traditional Graph
PCG Page Service Master Planning Traditional Graph
The unique benefits of a Master Plan

PCG approach and methodology

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An agile workplace can be your strongest advocate for efficiency. It represents energy efficiency, streamlined design, effective and flexible use of shared amenities. More than this, you can ensure the policies and procedures underpinning your workplace reflect the cultural backdrop of a shared, highly efficient culture, enabling best process success in every corner of your organisation.

The workplace is a powerful lever of change and innovation. Workplace experts enable you to access workplace innovation through providing you with the skills and experience needed to engage with your stakeholders and unlock the potential of your organisation.

Our team will open the doors to new ways of working and innovative, high performance environments. Dynamics such as agility, intimacy, interaction, innovation, investment and identity are challenged, analysed and fully characterised – it’s a comprehensive, all encompassing strategy.

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