Whether we’re in an economic boom or protracted bust; leading organisations expect the finest staff. They want the creative jump-starters who are natural collaborators, highly qualified and intrinsically motivated. Recent research has uncovered a surprising link between how employers prioritize their workplace – and the aspirations and results of the staff who work there.

Few companies would admit to skimping on leadership, integrity or teamwork. But equally few give priority to these values when it comes to creating a workplace that reflects them. By ‘workplace’ we at PCG mean the physical environment that supports the workplace dynamics of people, process and place.

The workplace should be a physical manifestation of the contract between the employer and employee, and what they are endeavouring to achieve together.
High Performance Workplaces
The workplace should strongly reinforce the brand, values, and ethics of the organisation and its products or services.
Box Model High Performance Workplace

Work Styles

Leading organisations in our research, were deeply aware that a respect for how, and where their employees worked, correlated with how their employees actually performed.

Workspace design should work hard for your organisation.

Something as simple as natural light can boost serotonin levels and help people feel more alert.

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